Thursday, June 30, 2016

This review is for these gummi bear molds

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We shall begin with some information about the product from the company's website:

About the Product
  • Gummy Bear Mold 2 Pack + 2 Droppers For Kids, WITH BONUS 4-PIECE MEASURING SPOONS SET, For Preparation Easier And More Accurate With Jello Molds For Kids, + The Recipe Will Be Sent By E-mail.
  • PERFECT FOR Spend More Quality Time with Your Child, With Gummy Maker Making Gummy, hard candy, Candy Melts, Hard Candies Chocolates And Ice Cubes!
  • The Small Size Of Each Candy Bear Cavity Perfect For Decorating Cakes Cookies And Candy. Healthy Snacks.
  • Candy Molds Silicone - FDA SAFETY. FDA Certified Safe And BPA-free, Non-Toxic, Non-Stick, Odor-free, Easy To Clean And EASY TO USE.
  • We Offer You a Money-Back Guarantee and a Lifetime Warranty For Each gummy Worms Mold Tray. Press "Add to cart button" Above
  • Product Description

    Package Quantity: 2
    Gummy Bear Mold Silicone 2 tray with 2 dropper 5ml, 100 Cavity, PLUS A BONUS 4-PIECE MEASURING SPOONS SET.
    To be able to do Gummy Bear Mold candies precisely and easily.
    Spend More Quality Time With Your Child making your favorite treats.
    Make your own bear shaped, bite-sized snacks with this easy to use bear silicone mold.
    Each Gummy Bear Mold can make 50 bears at a time.
    Mix your ingredients and use the dropper included in the pack to fill each cavity, without the unwanted spills and mess.
    The Gummy Bear Mold tray is suitable for use in an oven, freezer or microwave.
    When ready, pops out the bears by simply pinching the back of the mold and your Gummy Bear Mold, chocolate bear, candy bear, after dinner bear mints, bear jellos, or fruity bear ice cube is ready!
    When done, clean the gummy bear molds by placing in your dishwasher. The soft silicone material will not stain or retain odor and stays odor-free even after constant use.
    Gummy molds bpa free silicone, It's also heat resistant for temperatures up to 450 ֲ°F.

    This gummy molds small, Each cavity in candy molds will give you a tiny bear approximately with bear cavities measuring 0.7 inch high, 0.5 inch wide and 0.4 inch depth.
    Just like the typical gummy worms mold. It's the perfect size and shape for tiny fingers to grasp and hold.
    The adorable candy molds features detailed paws, ears and face with a round bear belly. It's cute and irresistible and makes for a fun snack shape.
    Now with silicone mold making kit, you can make your own healthy, home-made sweets and snacks in batches of 50.Choose your own ingredients and flavors according to your family's preference.
    You can even add in some vitamins for added health boost. Adorable and cute bears will make for a great party sweets buffet, chocolate molds for wedding, or to give away as gifts for birthdays and holidays.
As for my thoughts? this set is so fun! My son and I used it to create gummi bears, and chocolate bears. I love that I can control the ingredients that goes into the candy we make and he loves the process of filling the molds and helping pop the candies out.  (and eating the candy of course)

I received this product to try for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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