Tuesday, September 22, 2015

This review is for these Deet Free All Natural Citronella Mosquito Insect Repellent Bracelet

This item can be purchased here: http://www.amazon.com/Natural-Citronella-Mosquito-Repellent-Bracelet/dp/B0133B8ZUE

We shall begin with some information about the product from the company's website:

  • 4 BANDS PER PACK All Natural Non-Toxic DEET-Free Travel Size Mosquito Repellent Bands that EFFECTIVELY stop mosquito bites.
  • BREATHABLE SOFT MICROFIBER that fits so comfortably in your or your kids' wrist/ankle.
  • STRONG but PLEASANT SMELL from Citronella, eucalyptus and other all natural oils which last up to 168 hours.
  • This mosquito repellent bracelet is great for use INDOOR, OUTDOOR (camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, BBQs, picnic, etc.) as well as for TRAVEL in area that has many mosquitos.
  • FREE Shipping on order over $35, 60 days MONEY BACK guarantee, LIFETIME WARRANTY, NO HASSLE and NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED returns!

As for my thoughts? This time of year South Texas is overrun with evil blood thirsty monsters.  Mosquitoes are the bane of my existence, especially at this time of year.  It is hard to even go outside without getting swarmed and my poor 2 year old is constantly covered in welts from bites.  I hate using bug spray on myself because it is sticky and gross.  I wont use spray on my son because he has eczema and sensitive skin.  This bracelet solves all of my problems!  It is adjustable and can last a long time as long as you store it in the plastic bag.  It has a pretty strong smell, but it is not terribly unpleasant.  The ingredients are all natural  so I don't feel like I am wearing something toxic which I love. Best of all it keeps mosquitoes away!  Now we can play outside in the evening when it is cooler, and not worry about being feasted upon by bugs.

I received this product to try for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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